Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are 160 times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers.
This often happens after they wander or abscond, which we know 50% of individuals with ASD do.

An array of barriers often exist in terms of individuals with ASD being able to participate successfully in aquatic programs. 


Our ASD specialist has a sound understanding of these challenges, and as a result prioritizes safety, inclusion, and therapeutic benefits


Private Lessons - 30 minute sessions are scheduled between (or at the convenience of) student and instructor with pool privately reserved (or available) on Sundays between 3:30pm-6:30pm

Price: $225 for five 30-minute sessions

For information and questions about registration call 845-561-4700
or stop by the Fitness Center

How to prepare for Swim Lessons

  • Keep a designated swim bag at home. It should contain a swimsuit, goggles, and a towel. Keeping these items in bag will ensure you won't forget anything.

  • Give yourself time to change and use the bathroom before class starts. Arrive 5 minutes before class time.

  • Knowing what class you are in and where to meet your instructor will help get class to start on-time.

  • Know the pool rules. 

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