Welcome to WaveRunners Swim Team

 Swim Team is based at

Union Avenue Community Fitness Center's 25-meter heated pool.

Are you looking to take your child's swimming ability to a new exciting level?

Join Coach Matt Mauriello


Prerequisite for swim team is 1 lap freestyle or complete swim team prep.

For more information and to try out for swim team by appointment contact:

(845) 561-4700 swimcoachmatt99@gmail.com or chelsea@communityfitnesscenter.com

WaveRunners Regular Practice Schedule

Wave Runners Swim Team Levels and Registration Below

  • Beginner (White)

    • Practice 2, 3 or 4 times a week-Registration and prices below.

    • Practice is 30 minutes 

    • Ages: 5 - 10

    • Prerequisite

      • Ability to Swim 1 lap freestyle

    • Primary emphasis for a white swimmer is placed on stroke development, and learning lane etiquette as well as how to use a pace clock. The basic fundamentals of all of the competitive strokes will be introduced.  Also important in a swimmer’s development, will be the social interaction with other swimmers and the ability to manage a competitive workout environment.  Swimmers entering this group must be comfortable in deep water, and possess the listening skills necessary to take instruction within a group setting.

      • Learning to use a pace clock

      • Learning lane etiquette ( passing, circle swimming)

      • Building endurance through kicking

      • Learning and developing 4 competitive strokes through short distance drilling.

  • Intermediate (Red)

    • Practice is 2, 3 or 4 times per week-Registration and prices below.

    • Practice is 1 hour

    • Ages: 7-14

    • Prerequisite

      • 2 laps freestyle

      • 2 laps backstroke

      • 1 lap legal breaststroke or butterfly

    • Primary emphasis for a Red Swimmer is placed on perfecting strokes, as well as enhancing their overall knowledge of swimming. This is the first level where we start to introduce aerobic swimming to build endurance and speed.

      • Focus on strong streamline butterfly kick

      • Using strong technique base to build speed and strength through quality swimming.

      • Perfecting flip turns and starts

      • Learning and practicing all four competitive strokes legally.

  • Advanced (Blue)

    • Practice is 3, 4 or 5 times a week. Registration and pricing below.

    • Ages: 10 - 18

    • Prerequisite

      • 100 IM

      • 2x5 x 100m free @ 3:00

    • Primary emphasis of a blue swimmer is placed on building a strong aerobic swim base. Swimmers will be pushing longer distances in all four competitive strokes and learning what it takes to succeed in swimming. They will be taught how to take more ownership of their practices, and the benefits of understanding a practice structure.

      • Focus on strong wall transitions

      • Emphasis on building speed through proper technique.

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